Sita On The Road

Director : Praneeth Yaron

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Starring - Kalpika Ganesh, Nesa Farhadi, Gayatri Gupta

Director(s) - Praneeth Yaron

Producer(s) - Pranoop Jawahar & Priyanka Tati

Genre(s) - Drama

Release Date - May 17, 2019


Helmed by actor-turned-director Praneeth Yaron, Sita On The Road narrates the journey of five young females from different walks of life, who go on a road trip to find their freedom. It’s a realistic take on the problems faced by women in various fields. Starring actresses like Khatera Hakimi, Kalpika Ganesh, Gayathri Gupta, Nesa Farhadi and Uma Lingaiah in lead roles.

Story, Screenplay & Dialogues - Praneeth Yaron

Music Background Score By - Praneeth Yaron

Mixed and mastered By - Aroon kumar

Cinematography - Raj Anantha

Edited By - Suresh Kumar Kasukurthi

Colorist - Srinivas Mamidi

VFX - Tej Dilip

Music Label - Aditya Music



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